How Our Past Controls Our Future

The Sex Spiral: Trigger 11 - Anger: Part Four

Today we are going to hear the last teaching message on the subject of anger, and we’re going to touch on something called unresolved anger.

It’s exactly what it sounds like.  This type of anger has to do with something that is unresolved in our life.  Maybe there’s a situation that is unsettled. Maybe there’s something or someone in your life that troubles you and unnerves you.  Just the the thought of it scares, irritates and ultimately controls you with anger. These are all signs of unresolved anger.

This podcast is part four of four and comes from a teaching series titled The Sex Spiral: Forgiven and Free From Pornography. For those of you who are new to the podcast, The Sex Spiral is a set of awareness triggers that explain the location as to where you are in the habit, bondage or addiction to pornography.  Make no doubt about it, pornography is a series of predictable habits that we have created for ourselves.  The bad news is that we don’t realize it, the good news is that as you listen, review and start applying this material to your own lives….you (By God’s grace) will break free from the bondage of porn.  Jesus Christ did not die for your sin and rise from the dead for your to remain an addicted Christian!

In today’s podcast we’ll discuss.

  1. How righteous anger is a defense for God and others.
  2. How unrighteous anger stems from someone or something is in the way of my unreached goal or plan.
  3. How we must acknowledge and understand that there is a difference between being angry and unresolved anger.

How exactly do we stop being angry?  Well the first thing is to determine what you’re angry about.  Is this righteous or unrighteous anger?  In other words, is this something that Jesus Himself would be angry about?  Or is this something that only involves you?

Secondly, we must identify the cause of the anger.  Am I angry out of Hurt, Injustice, Fear, or Frustration.

Once I identify the type and cause of my anger then I can start to get my emotions in check.  This is easier said then done I know, and if you need to count down from ten, take a few deep breaths, maybe walk around the block….do whatever you need to do so that you don’t lose control.

We talk a lot about being aware in the Sex Spiral.  Are you aware of your emotions, your tone, your words?  Most of us are not.  But once you start becoming aware, then once again you can – by God’s grace – begin to change these sinful behaviors.