Encouragement From Guys In The Trenches

The Sex Spiral: Trigger 12 - Hopelessness Part 4

Over the past seven weeks we have learned that we really do have a choice when it comes to lust. We’ve learned that we really can…be not only forgiven, but also free from the sin of pornography. We have listened to a 13 week teaching series that I taught to a class here in Phoenix last fall. It’s called “The Sex Spiral: Forgiven and Free from pornography. The Sex Spiral is a set of awareness triggers -NOT steps. Let me explain the difference…

The steps in a twelve-step program are used as guiding principles that outline a course of action. Triggers inside the Sex Spiral on the other hand, these explain the location as to where you are right now in the habit, bondage or addiction to pornography. Triggers are immediate feedback, Steps on the other hand are long range goals that you wish to accomplish. Steps are similar to looking at the face on your watch so that you can tell the time, while Triggers are all the little gears and motors that you can’t see yet. Triggers allow us to take the watch apart to see how it operates. It answers the question, “Why?”

The bondage to pornography is a series of predictable habits that we have created for ourselves. The bad news is that we don’t realize it, the good news is that as you listen, review and start applying this material to your own lives…you (By God’s grace) will break free from the bondage of porn. Jesus Christ did not die for your sin and rise from the dead for your to remain an addicted Christian! When we know where we are, then we can become less emotional and make better decisions that are based in reality and not fantasy. When we realize where we are, then we can make decisions to exit this road to nowhere and make a turn that leads to hope.

Today, we’re going to hear feedback from the men who took this class. We have a lot to learn from these guys…men who are in the very trenches of their own Sex Spiral. Men from all ages, and all backgrounds. Men who are single, married, divorced and who are on the verge of divorce. Men who have been in bondage to pornography for decades, men who have had affairs along with every other sexual sin you can think of. Men who own local businesses, who deliver mail, who do your taxes. Men who protect your community and preach at your Churches. That’s right. Christian men who love the Lord and struggle with the sin of lust.

Everyone is certainly at different stages on this journey toward recovery and purity. And there is a delicate dance between truth and grace when it comes to dealing with people in your recovery groups. That’s why this Sex Spiral material is so critical to understand. My suggestion is to use this worksheet as a timeline for the last time you sinned. As you think and review about what happened – and how you gave into your lust….you’ll see the different triggers on the worksheet and all you have to do is literally write one or two keywords down at each trigger. THEN, take this worksheet and go over exactly what happened with a trusted friend or group partner. When we continue to do this, we’ll start to see patterns…and when you see patterns then you’re able to concisely and willfully make changes when temptation arises.