About Dustin Daniels

Hi! I’m Dustin Daniels. I’m a child of God, husband to Amy, Senior Pastor at The River Church in Cottonwood Arizona, and author of “The Sex Spiral: Forgiven and Free.

I also teach and train God’s design for sex, marriage and the family by writing, speaking and planting small groups.

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I’m married to Amy, the most beautiful and caring woman on the face of the planet. We’ve been living in Phoenix for the past twelve years.

Dustin & Amy Daniels


When people first hear about what I do for a living they ask questions like:

Sooo…you run a sex ministry?

I smile and say, “well, kind of.” I teach families and train leaders on God’s design for sex, marriage and the family. Sometimes they’ll continue with questions. (The subject matter just fascinates people and it seems that they just can’t stop themselves.)  “Why?”, they ask.   Because if I don’t talk about it, who will?  Besides, I don’t want to see you or your family get hurt making decisions about sex without being Biblically informed. Essentially, I don’t want you to go through what I did learning “trial-by-error” regarding anything pertaining to sexuality.

To that end, I write about healthy sexuality, marriage, pornography, sexual sin, and recovery.


I spent the first half of my life in the audiovisual world. I cut my teeth on the radio as a radio personality. I then moved into television production and finally into the live event production world as the Director of Audio Visual Services for one of the best non-profits in the world – Alliance Defending Freedom.