God, Sex & You Podcast

The Dustin Daniels Radio Show started in 2012 and was aired on FaithTalk 1360am in Phoenix, AZ. It was dedicated to dealing with the issue of pornography. It started by accident really, I had no intention on starting this show, but after being an in-studio guest on another radio program, I told my wife Amy that I felt like I was ‘home’ again.  I started my career off being on the radio as a long-haired Howard Stern wanna-be. Oh, the irony, right? Not sure which one is funnier – not having hair or being the complete opposite of Howard Stern.  Regardless, by God’s grace, I was able to proclaim God’s sexual purity through the Gospel of Jesus Christ back then.

In November of 2015 and after producing over 115 shows, the Lord led me to start discussing not only pornography and sexual purity but to also discuss faith, family and headline news from a Christian perspective.  Eventually, the new tagline became God, Sex & Current Events.  This transition allowed us to start the discussion on the social, political, educational and entertainment issues dealing with sexuality with our culture.

In January of 2017, the Lord again led me to take the show from being a weekly broadcast to a daily podcast with one more tweak – to focus on the people listening to Biblical teaching. It was then re-named God, Sex & You. It is a resource for you, your family and the Church as an alliance of top professionals specializing in God’s design for marriage and healthy sexuality.

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