This one day class is for both men and women; husbands and wives. It is an introduction and overview of The Sex Spiral curriculum, the triggers that lead to porn addiction and how to live free from porn.


After the introductory class, Immersion is my first recommendation into the ministry. It’s a Biblically based workshop that focuses on removing sexual ties, strongholds and/or footholds from your life. A spiritual stronghold is when sexual sin is allowed into a person’s thought life by engaging in any form of sexual sin. Strongholds are created by allowing the enemy to have a place in our lives. For example, viewing pornography is the most common way to invite a stronghold into your life. If married, Immersion is recommended for both husband and wife.


This men’s purity group meets once per month for one year. Days and times vary. This small group allows us to learn The Sex Spiral curriculum in a group format that focuses teaching, community, and accountability. It also focuses on daily communication with the other members.