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Get Your Questions Answered About Sex and Sexuality Today

If you’re like most of my readers (and listeners to the podcast) you have questions about sex and sexuality.

I can’t stop looking at porn, what do I do?


I found my husband looking at porn, what am I to think?


How do I start the sex conversation with my child?


My boyfriend tells me he loves me, so is it okay to have sex with him?


How far is going too far?


Don’t people need to know if they are sexually compatible before they get married?


What is so sacred about sex anyway?


Regardless of why you’re here, I’m proud of you.  We all have questions about sex. The culture we live in is addicted to sex while the Church is terrified of it.  So no matter where you are, let’s talk this thing out together, what do you say?

The first step in addressing your question or concern is to talk to someone. That’s why I’m inviting you to click the button below to schedule a free 30-minute pastoral coaching session with me. We all need a plan, and this is the first step. Why wait? Let me encourage you to schedule this conversation today.



Dustin Daniels Teaching


I’m a guy that did everything wrong when it came to sex growing up as a kid. As a young adult, my life was simply out of control. Long story short…I spent over 20 years of my sad pathetic life being in complete bondage (addiction) to pornography and sex.

This led to several accounts of adultery and much more.  To listen to my story, click below. I’m not proud of this. I’m ashamed of who I used to be.

BUT, by God’s amazing grace, I’m now a godly husband, author, speaker, teacher, podcaster and ordained minister specializing in one thing – teaching God’s design for sex and sexuality.  (Yes, God has a sense of humor!)

All of these job duties can be summed up as, “Purity Pastor” of Seven Places Ministries, Inc. – A Christ-Centered Purity Ministry.

What exactly is a Purity Pastor? I do one thing – and only one thing – purity. In other words, Biblical sexuality is my areas of expertise. I go about this topic in four different ways: Teaching, Training, Preaching and Proclaiming Christ-centered purity.

Lastly, I’m also certified in Sexual Addiction and Addiction Recovery from the AACC, finishing my Masters in Theological Studies at Gateway Seminary with future plans of pursuing a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min). I’m also a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, The Christian Educators Association International (CEAI), and the Southern Baptist Convention.


My mission is to educate you, your Church and your family on Biblical sexuality. I would like to save you a lot of heartache and pain by learning from my mistakes. More importantly, I’ll share stories of God’s truth and redeeming grace from His Word.



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